Wetland Indicator Status:
Seed Provenance:
Ohio Collected Seed

C of C:[5]

Cultural Information:

Plant in soil that is well drained.  Seems to be tolerate a wide pH range.  Can be planted in full sun or part shade.  In forests, the young seedlings bide their time waiting for an opening in the canopy growing rapidly to take its place.  Sugars make good street trees.

Associated Species: [6]

Yellow Birch, Black Cherry, Beech, Pin Cherry, Red Maple, Gray Birch, Northern Red Oak, Tuliptree, Sassafras, Persimmon, Black Oak, White Oak and Sycamore.

Field Observations: 

Sugar Maples are found in every county in Ohio and extend up into the New England area.  In northeast Ohio the village of Hiram has numerous old sugars lining the streets going through campus.  For a week or two in the Fall these tree tunnels seem to glow a beautiful orange/yellow.   Seeds are produced in abundance in some years but many are empty.  That is, they go through all the trouble of producing a winged seed but seem to forget one important thing…the embryo.  A valuable tree for sugar and lumber.


Sugar Maple is Native to the following States & Ohio counties

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