Online Fundraiser Information

Thank you for your interest in fundraising with Riverside Native Trees and Shrubs, LLC. Based on customer feedback, we believed there was a need for a simple, inexpensive way to rally people to a fundraising cause. Our research found that watershed groups, land conservancies and other organizations dedicated to preserving and restoring land may be too small or not have the IT resources to have online fundraising, so we set out to remedy that problem. In 2015, we are introducing our fundraising service! What we are offering is a complete and customized online  fundraising program. We will create a webpage complete with your logo, contact and other important information.  Your members can visit and buy any number of trees and shrubs that you select for your planting at the price you set. We can get your entire campaign up and working in just a few days. All of the programming is done in-house, and it will not be posted until you approve it.

After your approval you will be given a unique web address for your members to buy your trees and shrubs. Purchase money will be collected through the website.  With each sale an email is immediately and automatically sent to your designated contact person for your records.  At the end of the fundraising campaign we will arrange pick up or delivery of the nursery stock and you will be given a check for your portion of the proceeds.  The only charge to you is a $10/month fee for the electronic form and a 3% reduction in your proceeds for credit card processing.   So if your fundraising campaign lasted for two months your form fee would be $20.  There is the normal delivery fee if you elect to have the stock brought to your planting site.

Your part in this is very important! Once your webpage is live you need to promote it heavily. You can link to it through your own website and publish the web address in your written and electronic correspondence. Sending the address in an email to your members AND asking them to forward the message to anyone they think might be interested is a great way to reach large numbers of people. Early in the calendar year is a good time to offer fundraisers especially when they are tied to Earth Day activities. March 1 is a good target date for having the page published when associated with Earth Day.

The link below shows you what a finished form would look like:

Our goal with this fundraising service is very simple.  We want to sell more trees and shrubs!  We designed it to be a win-win situation for both of us and we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.  If you would like to talk or have specific questions please call 740.815.3230 or email us.  Thank you!

PS.   If you did not want to run a fundraiser you could offer the trees and shrubs at regular nursery prices and you would still be able to get plants  for your restoration efforts.

So if you’re ready!

If your group is interested in a fundraising campaign click on the link below to the form we use to gather your pertinent information.  You will have ample opportunity to review the content before it is published on the web.