In 2016 we launched a new line of larger caliper trees and shrubs.  These are grown in 6 gallon containers and are sold by caliper thickness.  Primarily we have trees in the 1″ range but there are some that are larger.  We measure the caliper thickness above the root flare.  This is not dbh caliper.

2023 Larger Caliper Stock

These generally go 8′ but may be as tall as 12′.  Please call or email Ed for more detailed information.  Pricing is dependent upon caliper.  1″ caliper trees are $59 and 1.25″ caliper trees are $79.

Populus deltoides, Eastern Cottonwood…………..23  Many of these are 1.25″ caliper

Quercus macrocarpa, Bur Oak.……………….121 mostly 1″; some at 1.25″ caliper