Wetland Indicator Status:
Seed Provenance:
Unknown Location Seed

C of C:[5]

Cultural Information:

A species that does well on dryer soils and in higher elevations but best growth occurs on moist soil.

Associated Species: [6]

Yellow Birch, Yellow Poplar, Blackgum, Sweetgum, Black Cherry, Black Walnut, Red & Sugar Maples, Hemlock, Red and White Pine.

Field Observations: 

 The bark is gray and deeply furrowed.  Inside the furrows the bark appears to be somewhat orange or copper in color.  Quite stirking actually.  A strong, slower grower commonly found in Appalachian areas of the state.  Lumber often labelled and sold as white oak.



Chestnut Oak, Basket Oak is Native to the following States & Ohio counties

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