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1'-2' Shrub in 1.33 qt Container
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Cultural Information:

Eastern Wahoo seems to prefer some shade and well drained soil although we have seen it growing at the edge of farm fields in full sun and at the top of small hills.

Associated Species: [6]

Based on collecting data we have seen Bur Oaks, Hackberry, Nannyberry, Silky Dogwood, Blackhaw Viburnum, Boxelder, Sycamore, Bitternut Hickory and other, typical riparian species growing near Eastern Wahoo.

Field Observations: 

In central Ohio we see it most commonly right along the Scioto River where it’s growing in alluvial soil, periodically flooded and getting just morning sun.  We’ve also seen it growing in farm fields in full sun where machinery cannot get to it.  This is a fantastic plant if you can get it.  At the very end of October and into November the leaves drop but the fluorescent pink fruits persist making a beautiful  show.  The more sun it gets the better the fruit set.  We’ve seen some offered for sale that were dug from the natural environment.  All of ours are from seed.

Flowering occurs in early June.  An army of tiny flies or “gnats” are attracted to the blood red flowers and act as pollinators.

Eastern Wahoo is Native to the following States & Ohio counties

Wahoo Fruit (early Nov)

Fall Color

Flower With Pollinator

Flowers in early June

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1'-2' Shrub in 1.33 qt Container
Price: $6.95Available: 12