Wetland Indicator Status:
Seed Provenance:
Ohio Collected Seed

C of C:[5]

Cultural Information:

A large forest tree with many of the same cultural requirements as Shagbark Hickory in that they’re highly adaptable to many soil types.  One notable exception, however, is that Shellbarks are more commonly found on wetter soils and areas that are prone to periodic flooding.

Associated Species: [6]

Bur Oak, Pin Oak, Sweetgum, Slippery Elm, American Hornbeam, Red Maple, Blackgum, other Hickories, Swamp White Oak, Shumard Oak, Redbud, Flowering Dogwood and Paw Paw.

Field Observations: 

A large, beautiful tree with clear yellow foliage in the fall.  Seeds are large and edible.  Slow growing.


Shellbark Hickory is Native to the following States & Ohio counties

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