Wetland Indicator Status:
Seed Provenance:
Ohio Collected Seed

C of C:[5]

Cultural Information:

Found along rivers and in rich moist soil in nature; it does well in dryer conditions and is considered a drought tolerant species.   Braun (1961) suggests it may be more prevalent in western Ohio than indicated on the Ohio range map.

Associated Species: [6]

Hickories, White Oak, Blackgum, Tuliptree, Beech, Blue Beech, Flowering Dogwood and Witchhazel.

Field Observations:

It just seems to jump out of the pot in the nursery.  Shumard Oak gets the top prize for being the fastest growing oak.  A one year old seedling 18″ tall can grow an additional six feet or more in one summer.  Fall color for us is a beautiful red that is deeper and darker red than rubra (borealis); almost a black cherry red.  It transplants well from container grown stock and does not seem to suffer from leafhopper damage like pins and reds do.


Shumard Oak is Native to the following States & Ohio counties

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