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C of C:[5]

Cultural Information:

Not commonly found in the nursery trade, Southern Red Oaks are reliable growers in poor, upland conditions.  Fall color is mostly brown.

Associated Species

Southern Reds are found mostly with other upland species including white oak,  black oak, scarlet oak, post oak, blackjack oak, sweetgum, blackgum, and hickory.  Along the foothills of the Appalachians, Virginia pine, pitch pine, and chestnut oak are common associates.

Occasionally associated with southern red oak are swamp chestnut oak, cherrybark oak, white ash, slash pine, longleaf pine, American beech, red maple, flowering dogwood, and persimmon.

Field Observations: 

We have not seen this species in Ohio in the wild as it is found only in four southern Ohio counties.  Reports suggest heights up to 80′ with a rounded outline in time. Southern Ohio marks the northernmost limit of its range.  Commonly found in the Piedmont region.

Southern Red Oak, Spanish Oak is Native to the following States & Ohio counties

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