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1'-2' Seedling Tree in 1.33 qt Container
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Sweet Pignut Hickory or Red Hickory is a relatively new find for us.  Several resources note that it is often found in association with other hickory species and, sure enough, the closest tree to it is a shagbark.  Sweet Pignut is found in many locations but the limiting factor seems to be how well the soil drains.  Habitats include wooded areas in well-drained soils.  Heavy soils are not appreciated although it occurs in bottomland areas that are well drained.  Full sun is best. 

Associated Species

Other Hickory species commonly and Oaks. 

Field Observations: 

Seeds are thin shelled and the bark can peel or be held tight up against the trunk.  Our particular trees display just a slight amount of shagginess in several old and large individuals.  Distribution is generally in the eastern half of the US.  Nuts are an important food resource for wildlife.

Sweet Pignut Hickory, Red Hickory is Native to the following States & Ohio counties

Winter Bud

Sweet Pignut (L) and Shagbark Hickory (R)

Bark Detail

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1'-2' Seedling Tree in 1.33 qt Container
Price: $6.95Available: 97