New For Fall 2020/Spring 2021

Riverside Bareroot Seedlings

Our first growing season is behind us and there are thousands of seedlings waiting to be barerooted.  The orders we have pending for fall 2020 will be lifted and prepared for delivery in early November.  Our goal has always been to minimize the time these seedlings spend uprooted.  Our plan is to lift the seedlings and process your order right before being delivered to you.  We do not “dig” your seedlings out of the ground; instead we hand lift the plants from our growing beds with great care.  There is no machinery for this; just people.  Plants are then examined, graded, and packaged for delivery or pick up.   In each step great care is taken to minimize trauma and dessication to the roots.   Spring 2021 seedlings will be ready in late March or early April depending on the weather.  If you are interested in more information please call 740-815-3230 or email Ed at (

Now that we have the benefit of 20/20 hindsight one of the things that we would do differently is fertilize significantly less.  We grew too many big seedlings.  For instance we have Black Walnuts that will look you in the eye and these were actually planted late in spring.  The species that we have which are large (large being 36″ and greater) include Black Walnut, Black Locust, Common Elderberry, Buttonbush, Catalpa, and Silver Maples.  We’re offering these at $4.00 each in any quantity.

The species we are working with currently are listed below.  We will be collecting seeds and offering additional species next fall.

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6″-12″ Seedlings

6"-12" Seedlings
Black Cherry Prunus serotinaY$3.50$0.60$0.50$0.40
Black Gum Nyssa sylvaticaY$3.50$0.74$0.61$0.49
Black Locust Robinia pseudoacaciaN$3.50$0.63$0.53$0.42
Black Oak Quercus velutinaY$3.50$0.62$0.51$0.41
Black Walnut Juglans nigraY$3.50$0.72$0.60$0.48
Black Willow Salix nigraY$3.50$0.83$0.69$0.55
Bur Oak Quercus macrocarpaY$3.50$0.56$0.46$0.37
Ea. Cottonwood Populus deltoidesN$3.50$0.56$0.46$0.37
Hackberry Celtis occidentalisY$3.50$0.68$0.56$0.45
Ky Coffeetree Gymnocladus dioicusY$3.50$0.98$0.81$0.65
Northern Catalpa Catalpa speciosaN$3.50$0.75$0.63$0.50
Persimmon Diospyros virginianaY$3.50$0.65$0.54$0.43
Pin Oak Quercus palustrisY$3.50$0.56$0.46$0.37
Red Oak Quercus rubraY$3.50$0.56$0.46$0.37
Sandbar Willow Salix interiorY$3.50$0.83$0.69$0.55
Scarlet Oak Quercus coccineaY$3.50$0.75$0.63$0.50
Shumard Oak Quercus shumardiiY$3.50$0.66$0.55$0.44
Silver Maple Acer saccharinumY$3.50$0.54$0.45$0.36
Sugar Maple Acer saccharumY$3.50$0.72$0.60$0.48
Swamp White Oak Quercus bicolorY$3.50$0.66$0.55$0.44
Sycamore Platanus occidentalisY$3.50$0.71$0.59$0.47
6"-12" Seedlings
Bladdernut Staphylea trifoliaY$3.50$1.43$1.19$0.95
Buttonbush Cephalanthus occidentalisY$3.50$0.72$0.6$0.48
Elderberry Sambucus canadensisY$3.50$0.72$0.6$0.48
Fragrant Sumac Rhus aromaticaY$3.50$0.65$0.54$0.43
Ninebark Physocarpus opulifoliusY$3.50$0.63$0.53$0.42
Silky Dogwood Comus ammomumY$3.50$0.60$0.50$0.40
Swamp Mallow Hibiscus moscheutosY$3.50$0.60$0.50$0.40
Winterberry Holly Ilex verticillataN$3.50$0.98$0.81$0.65
Y= yes, we have in stock
N= no, we do not have in stock

12″-24″ Seedlings

12"-24" Seedlings
Black Cherry Prunus serotinaY$3.50$0.95$0.79$0.63
Black Gum Nyssa sylvaticaY$3.50$1.05$0.88$0.70
Black Locust Robinia pseudoacaciaN$3.50$1.17$0.98$0.78
Black Oak Quercus velutinaY$3.50$1.02$0.85$0.68
Black Walnut Juglans nigraY$3.50$1.05$0.88$0.70
Black Willow Salix nigraN$3.50$1.13$0.94$0.75
Bur Oak Quercus macrocarpaY$3.50$0.93$0.78$0.62
Ea. Cottonwood Populus deltoidesN$3.50$1.05$0.88$0.70
Hackberry Celtis occidentalisY$3.50$1.05$0.88$0.70
Ky Coffeetree Gymnocladus dioicusY$3.50$1.43$1.19$0.95
Northern Catalpa Catalpa speciosaY$3.50$1.10$0.91$0.73
Persimmon Diospyros virginianaY$3.50$1.02$0.85$0.68
Pin Oak Quercus palustrisY$3.50$0.93$0.78$0.62
Red Oak Quercus rubraY$3.50$0.99$0.83$0.66
Sandbar Willow Salix interiorN$3.50$1.13$0.94$0.75
Scarlet Oak Quercus coccineaY$3.50$1.14$0.95$0.76
Shumard Oak Quercus shumardiiY$3.50$0.99$0.83$0.66
Silver Maple Acer saccharinumY$3.50$0.83$0.69$0.55
Sugar Maple Acer saccharumY$3.50$1.14$0.95$0.76
Swamp White Oak Quercus bicolorY$3.50$1.05$0.88$0.70
Sycamore Platanus occidentalisY$3.50$0.98$0.81$0.65
12"-24" Seedlings
Bladdernut Staphylea trifoliaY$3.50$2.09$1.74$1.39
Buttonbush Cephalanthus occidentalisY$3.50$0.95$0.79$0.63
Elderberry Sambucus canadensisY$3.50$1.08$0.90$0.72
Fragrant Sumac Rhus aromaticaY$3.50$1.05$0.88$0.70
Ninebark Physocarpus opulifoliusY$3.50$0.99$0.83$0.66
Silky Dogwood Comus ammomumN$3.50$0.92$0.76$0.61
Swamp Mallow Hibiscus moscheutosY$3.50$0.92$0.76$0.61
Winterberry Holly Ilex verticillataN$3.50$1.38$1.15$0.92
Y= yes, we have in stock
N= no, we do not have in stock

24″-36″ Seedlings

24"-36" Seedlings
Black Cherry Prunus serotinaN$3.50$2.18$1.81$1.45
Black Gum Nyssa sylvaticaN$3.50$2.25$1.88$1.50
Black Locust Robinia pseudoacaciaN$3.50$2.25$1.88$1.50
Black Oak Quercus velutinaN$3.50$2.25$1.88$1.50
Black Walnut Juglans nigraY$3.50$1.50$1.25$1.00
Black Willow Salix nigraN$3.50$2.00$1.66$1.33
Bur Oak Quercus macrocarpaY$3.50$2.25$1.88$1.50
Ea. Cottonwood Populus deltoidesN$3.50$2.00$1.66$1.33
Hackberry Celtis occidentalisY$3.50$2.25$1.88$1.50
Ky Coffeetree Gymnocladus dioicusN$3.50$3.60$3.00$2.40
Northern Catalpa Catalpa speciosaY$3.50$2.00$1.66$1.33
Persimmon Diospyros virginianaN$3.50$2.25$1.88$1.50
Pin Oak Quercus palustrisY$3.50$2.25$1.88$1.50
Red Oak Quercus rubraN$3.50$2.00$1.66$1.33
Sandbar Willow Salix interiorN$3.50$2.00$1.66$1.33
Scarlet Oak Quercus coccineaN$3.50$2.63$2.19$1.75
Shumard Oak Quercus shumardiiY$3.50$2.25$1.88$1.50
Silver Maple Acer saccharinumN$3.50$2.00$1.66$1.33
Sugar Maple Acer saccharumN$3.50$2.33$1.94$1.55
Swamp White Oak Quercus bicolorY$3.50$2.25$1.88$1.50
Sycamore Platanus occidentalisN$3.50$2.03$1.69$1.35
24"-36" Seedlings
Bladdernut Staphylea trifoliaN$3.50$2.40$2.00$1.60
Buttonbush Cephalanthus occidentalisY$3.50$2.25$1.88$1.50
Elderberry Sambucus canadensisY$3.50$2.25$1.88$1.50
Fragrant Sumac Rhus aromaticaY$3.50$2.25$1.88$1.50
Ninebark Physocarpus opulifoliusY$3.50$2.25$1.88$1.50
Silky Dogwood Comus ammomumY$3.50$2.25$1.88$1.50
Swamp Mallow Hibiscus moscheutosN$3.50$2.25$1.88$1.50
Winterberry Holly Ilex verticillataN$3.50$2.63$2.19$1.75
Y= yes, we have in stock
N= no, we do not have in stock


36" + Liners
AvailabilityAny Qty
Black Cherry Prunus serotinaN$3.50
Black Gum Nyssa sylvaticaN$3.50
Black Locust Robinia pseudoacaciaY$3.50
Black Oak Quercus velutinaN$3.50
Black Walnut Juglans nigraY$3.50
Black Willow Salix nigraN$3.50
Bur Oak Quercus macrocarpaN$3.50
Ea. Cottonwood Populus deltoidesY$3.50
Hackberry Celtis occidentalisN$3.50
Ky Coffeetree Gymnocladus dioicusN$3.50
Northern Catalpa Catalpa speciosaY$3.50
Persimmon Diospyros virginianaN$3.50
Pin Oak Quercus palustrisN$3.50
Red Oak Quercus rubraN$3.50
Sandbar Willow Salix interiorN$3.50
Scarlet Oak Quercus coccineaN$3.50
Shumard Oak Quercus shumardiiY$3.50
Silver Maple Acer saccharinumY$3.50
Sugar Maple Acer saccharumN$3.50
Swamp White Oak Quercus bicolorN$3.50
Sycamore Platanus occidentalisN$3.50
36" + Liners
AvailabilityAny Qty
Bladdernut Staphylea trifoliaN$3.50
Buttonbush Cephalanthus occidentalisN$3.50
Elderberry Sambucus canadensisN$3.50
Fragrant Sumac Rhus aromaticaN$3.50
Ninebark Physocarpus opulifoliusN$3.50
Silky Dogwood Comus ammomumN$3.50
Swamp Mallow Hibiscus moscheutosN$3.50
Winterberry Holly Ilex verticillataN$3.50
Y= yes, we have in stock
N= no, we do not have in stock