New For Fall 2020

Riverside Bareroot Seedlings

During the Fall and Winter of 2019/2020 we received a number of inquiries for bareroot seedlings. The number of seedlings requested was enormous…over 250000! At that same time another personal milestone in the nursery was being celebrated. One of our employess, who has worked in the nursery since high school was graduating from THE Ohio State University with her degree in Horticulture. After a number of discussions, prayers, and meetings with the bank it was decided that she would partner with us and would begin our new bareroot product line. In the snow and cold of February and March we planned and built our raised beds, moved nearly 100 cubic yards of media, installed hundreds of feet of irrigation and planted tens of thousands of acorns, maples and other trees and shrubs. Now that warmer weather has arrived we’re beginning to see the fruits of our labor. Seedlings are coming up! Typically, we don’t think too much about seedlings germinating in our greenhouses; probably because it’s so routine for us. But, when it happens in a new venture pictures of the half inch oak forests are sent all around. There’s a lot of time between now and when we begin to pull them for fall orders so we won’t have firm numbers until mid summer into fall. If you are interested in more information please call 740-815-3230 or email Ed ( The species we are currently working with are as follows:

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