Riverside Native Trees located in Delaware, Ohio grows containerized native trees and shrubs from locally collected seeds. We are a restoration nursery that specializes in growing local provenance, native trees and shrubs.  Our goal is to provide high quality, local provenance, Midwest native trees and shrubs for restoration and reclamation efforts. We use root pruning containers at all stages of production to maximize root mass which improves transplant success. Growing trees and shrubs with local genetics ensures your plants are best adapted to Ohio’s growing conditions. Our seeds are collected from mature specimens with good branching characteristics and canopy shape. Seed collection sites are varied from year to year to provide the greatest genetic variability.

Our customers include the National Park system, many Ohio metroparks, municipalities, civic organizations and individual homeowners. We work closely with them during the planning process to provide species lists and cultural requirements and, in some cases, we grow seed they have provided. All our customers have a keen interest in increasing the value of their land as wildlife habitat and returning it to a more natural state.

Making the right decisions about which species are suitable for your planting application can be difficult. A new feature to our website is the native tree and shrub range map. Some of the earliest reference materials available have been used to make range maps accurate and easy to use. By clicking on an Ohio county you will be able to see what trees have historically been found in that county along with other species found in that plant community. Finally, cultural information and field observations are included to provide context for accurate site selection when planting.

Riverside Native Trees and Nursery grows seedlings and shrubs in band pots and 3 gallon root pruning containers. Band pots are 3-5/8” X 3-5/8” X 6” (L x W x H) and have a volume of approximately 1.25 quarts. Seedlings in these containers range in size from 1 to 3 feet depending upon the species and are not staked. Seedlings and shrubs are $5 each.  Trees in our 3 gallon containers are 4-6+ feet tall, have a trunk caliper 5/8” to 1” and are staked and straight. Three (3) gallon trees are $19.40 each.  The root pruning process creates a mop-like mass of roots that has thousands of growing points. These many growing points anchor the plant quickly providing a large surface area for water and nutrient uptake and minimizes transplant shock.

You are welcome to schedule a visit to tour our facility and see for yourself the high quality nursery stock we provide.