The Riverside Guarantee:

The plants you buy from us are the same ones that we use in-house for growing our trees and shrubs in larger containers so they just have to grow. We want your tree and shrub buying experience to be worry-free so we offer the following guarantee:

For Dormant Plants in Band Pots (plants shipped while still in bud)

We guarantee dormant plants to be healthy and true to type when they arrive. We will replace plants that were shipped dormant and do not emerge by the end of spring, following their planting.

For Non-Dormant Plants in Band Pots (plants shipped after leaves have emerged)

We guarantee our plants to be true to type, established in their growing container and arrive in healthy condition. If the plants do not arrive in healthy condition (for example, damaged during shipping) please email a photo to help us determine a cause so it may be remedied for future shipping.

It’s important to note that our band pot stock is greenhouse grown. When they are planted in full or partial sun the leaves may experience some scorching which is to be expected and is quite harmless. New leaves will be quickly grown to take their place. Water and fertilize as usual to give the plant nutrition for growing this next set of leaves. This happens frequently during transplanting into our 3 gallon containers and new leaves start appearing in just a few weeks.

Your part in our Guarantee

You have a part in our guarantee as well. We only ask that you care for these plants during the important establishment phase of their growth right after planting. That would mean keeping them watered and fertilized for the first growing season. Please see our Care & Info to help you get the most from your plants. The Guarantee does not apply to plants shipped out of their native growing regions, plants damaged by humans, animals, severe weather, insect or diseases, or poor site conditions.