Wetland Indicator Status:
Seed Provenance:
Ohio Collected Seed

C of C:[5]

Cultural Information:

An understory tree that does well in shade and resists browsing by deer.  Best planted in rich, deep, moist soils.   Prefers slightly acidic soils but in central Ohio grows well on limestone.  Can be planted in full sun but develops better foliage in partial shade or shade.  Commonly found throughout Appalachia in hardwood forests and along river bottoms.

Associated Species:

Sugar Maples, Red Maples, Hackberry, Northern Red Oak and Chinkapin Oak from personal observation.

Field Observations:

Less than a mile from the nursery paw paw grows well along the shaded slopes that lead to the Scioto River.  The soil here is deep, moist and rich.  The largest trees are up by the road where it cuts through the woods near a maple sugar camp.  These trees are tall and leggy and plentiful but produce large beautiful leaves in the heavy shade of the sugar maples.  Deep purple flowers are produced in early spring before the leaves appear but never seem to amount to much fruit unfortunately.

Paw Paw is Native to the following States & Ohio counties

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