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Shumard Oak
Scientific Name: Quercus shumardii
Scientific Name: Viburnum dentatum


Riverside Native Trees and Nursery, LLC grows local provenance, Midwest native hardwood tree and shrub species in root pruning containers.  We work closely with environmental reclamation professionals, professional landscapers and homeowners working to restore their land with beautiful native trees and shrubs.  Residential customers can take advantage of the Riverside Guarantee to ensure your purchase is good to grow and worry-free.

Determining which tree and shrub species are appropriate for your application can be a difficult task.  With our new Native Range Map feature you can select your state or Ohio county to determine which trees and shrubs are native to your particular site based on industry-accepted scientific publications.  We’ve also listed which tree and shrub species are commonly found together, cultural information, Wetland Indicator Status and Coefficients of Conservation.

Seed Provenance is also provided with Native Range Maps.  We use a 250 mile radius from Delaware, OH as the definition of “local” for our seed sources.  Most of the seed we collect is from central Ohio while a few species are collected from surrounding states.